Tyler Christophel; Coach and Manager

As a son to a college football coach, Tyler Christophel was born knowing drive and competition. This upbringing lead to success at the high school level in football, basketball and baseball. Baseball would prove to be the one that would benefit most, earning him a scholarship to Southwest Baptist University. After playing four years of college baseball, Tyler earned a degree in Sports Administration and Business. Following graduation, he spent 3 years in a baseball training facility giving back to the game and training young athletes. Tyler was then inspired to pursue peak physical fitness through CrossFit, constantly learning how to increase his capacity via training and nutrition. This passion landed him two Crossfit Games appearances on a team and a top 35 worldwide finish in the 2019 Open. He has been fascinated with testing the boundaries of human capacity for as long as he can remember, and he is ready to take his experience in sports, health and performance to help anyone willing to help themselves.

Baylee Rayl; Coach

A level 8 gymnast, collegiate golfer, high school basketball player and 2x CrossFit Games Team athlete, Baylee Rayl is no stranger to athletics and what it takes to compete at the highest level. After suffering a brain injury in high school, she was taken completely out of sports and her body was transformed into one that was totally unrecognizable to herself. Refusing to become a victim to her injury, Baylee decided to take matters into her own hands and learn the ins and outs of nutrition. Using herself as her own personal experiment, she transformed her body and mind into the healthiest state it had ever been. After furthering her nutrition knowledge this spring with the Precision Nutrition course, she desires to help others reach their full human potential and use the gifts God has given them to achieve greatness.

Lee Morris; Coach

Lee was a top finisher in MO State Championship Mountain bike racing; Nationally qualified for the Fire Fighter Combat Challenge and has several podium finishes in cross training competitions. He is ACE Certified Peer Fitness Training, Fit Tour Certified, EMT and CPR Certified and has eight Years of cross training experience. When it comes to working out, he loves the community as well as seeing people accomplish their goals. His passion outside of the gym is his family and then his love for the outdoors. You’ll most likey catch him on a mountain biking, hunting or hiking if he’s not in the gym.

Jenny Lotz; SkinnyFit Coach

Jenny has enjoyed being active her whole life. She was a stand-out athlete in high school as an all-state volleyball and track athlete, and her athletic abilities took her to Mizzou where she played volleyball and high jumped for the Tigers. After college, she swore she’d never run anything close to a marathon, but when the option of training to run one for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in Alaska arose she took it with hopes that the distraction of running into a moose on the trail would help her get through mile marker 21. Lately, she has enjoyed participating in CrossFit and SkinnyFit classes, and she has found that SkinnyFit is difficult for her fast-twitch muscles but also exceedingly beneficial for her stamina and strength. She thoroughly enjoys helping others, particularly in the coaching realm where she strives to help women realize they can enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle no matter what stage of life or fitness level they’re at. With four kids, her life requires an active lifestyle and she’s thankful to be up for that challenge. She still enjoys playing volleyball occasionally and wouldn’t turn down a hiking trip in New Zealand if it were an option. 

Jenn Fraley; SkinnyFit Creator

Jenn Fraley created SkinnyFit in 2014 with the help of a friend. She started coaching the women-only class, as well as regular cross training classes, that same year. Her own love of cross training began in 2010 shortly after her second child was born. Jenn has been a student of fitness since high school, trying everything from Aerobics to Cycling. Her passion for running has been consistent throughout the years and she has competed in many races up to a marathon. She took part in group cross training competitions in the past but prefers to keep it low key now. She and her husband are more likely to be found on a bike than a cross training competition floor these days but still share an avid love for cross training.