Cross Training

This is the every day “class” for beginners to advanced members. Our cross training consists of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. With that we incorporate cardio, gymnastic movements and strength training time period. It starts off with a warm up that is includes low intense movements to prepare for the workout. Next will be strength training which will focus on lower repetitions and higher weight; this is a good time to practice movements also. The cardio portion is last and this is where the high intensity work will be implemented. Know your body; going at a comfortable pace for you is the best prescription to help avoid injury. Everyday will incorporate something different than the day before.

Open Gym

The purpose of our open gym is to perfect movements or workout at your own pace. Open gym is a great time to learn news movements and understand the movement techniques. This is also a great time to get one on one coaching without interruption. Open gym can help avoid being overwhelmed during class and trying to learn the movements on the spot.

SkinnyFit is cross training in a cardio-intense format designed specifically for women using body-weight to light-weight movements. Our workouts are longer than most standard cross training workouts to ensure the calorie burn women want, which allows women to sculpt lean muscle mass instead of bulky manly muscles. SkinnyFit also omits the complicated Olympic and max effort lifts of our cross training counterparts. SkinnyFit is a female-only class, and all movements are scalable and adaptable for any fitness level or personal need. Every class is different, so you’ll never get bored and you’ll also see great results from the variety of approaches. It’s a great class for beginners because of the simpler movements and lighter weights, but it’s also an outstanding way for advanced athletes to boost their endurance. We have childcare available for all SkinnyFit classes, and we find that women enjoy the encouraging and social atmosphere.

Personal Training

Information coming soon!

Sports Performance

Tuesday and Thursday from 3 PM to 4 PM. More Information coming soon!

Team Training

Information coming soon!